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Projected Annual Revenue $2,665,319.23 (2016)
Mission Statement

The mission of the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) is to offer our state's most academically motivated students a unique learning environment that strengthens their ability to think critically, stimulates the joy of learning and fosters the excitement of discovery through hands-on scientific research.  The GSSM Foundation’s mission is to support the Governor’s School by giving voice to its needs, providing supplemental funds to augment its programs and informing the public as to its accomplishments and contributions to the quality of life and economic prosperity of South Carolina.

CEO/Executive Director Kim Bowman
Board Chair Kurt R. Kraft
Board Chair Company Affiliation The Boeing Company
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1990
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The mission of the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics (GSSM) is to offer our state's most academically motivated students a unique learning environment that strengthens their ability to think critically, stimulates the joy of learning and fosters the excitement of discovery through hands-on scientific research.  The GSSM Foundation’s mission is to support the Governor’s School by giving voice to its needs, providing supplemental funds to augment its programs and informing the public as to its accomplishments and contributions to the quality of life and economic prosperity of South Carolina.


GSSM was founded in 1988 by the late Governor Carroll Campbell and other tremendous visionaries like Charlie Coker, former president of Sonoco Products Company, the late Roger Milliken and Senator Hugh Leatherman. Their goal was to build a talent incubator in Hartsville, SC, that would help lead to the development of our state’s knowledge economy and build long-term prosperity for its people.

Now, 28 years later, GSSM has cultivated South Carolina’s leaders in such critical fields as business, engineering, medicine and law. The School has graduated 1,642 alumni from every county in South Carolina. What’s more, our impact doesn’t stop at the doors of our Hartsville campus.  In addition to our nationally acclaimed residential program, GSSM delivers customized packages of STEM offerings based on the specific needs of school districts or other educational partners, enabling GSSM to serve thousands of individuals across the state and beyond.



GSSM’s recent accomplishments include:

1.    Accelerate: GSSM developed its virtual Accelerate engineering program to cultivate the next generation of creative engineers and technical leaders by offering motivated 10th, 11th and 12th grade students an innovative and accelerated path toward achieving college engineering degrees. The program delivers year-round, virtual instruction on high school campuses and is complemented by real-world, team-based projects on weekends and summers, as well as industry internships. Accelerate represents a partnership between GSSM, SC’s top engineering colleges and high schools across the state. For the 2015-16 school year and the program’s third year of operation, Accelerate has grown to 104 students at 20 sites.

2.    Duke Energy Center for Science Education and Outreach: The Center for Outreach is a statewide resource invested in hands-on, minds-on, STEM-based, project-based programming and enrichment initiatives. GSSM’s Outreach programs, such as iTEAMS Xtreme, GoSciTech and CREATEng, among others, strive to deliver innovative and challenging STEM education opportunities. In 2015, the center reached nearly 10,000 students and teachers across the state.

3.    Residential High School: For the 2015-16 academic school year, GSSM has reached its maximum capacity of 288 students. The School offers 11-12th graders nearly 50 different STEM courses, 40% of which are taught above the AP level. GSSM’s faculty all hold masters degrees and 80% hold PhDs. GSSM students are offered unique learning opportunities that are not found in traditional settings, including a six-week mentored scientific research program in South Carolina, the US, Europe and Asia. GSSM students celebrate the highest SAT and ACT scores in the state. In 2015, the 111 graduating seniors were awarded nearly $14 million in scholarships to colleges and universities across the country.

The GSSM Foundation welcomes and appreciates financial gifts of any amount in support of our:

1.    CREATEng engineering camp  (New to Beaufort County in Summer 2016)

2.    iTEAMS Xtreme: Next Generation camp (New to Beaufort County in Summer 2016)

3.    GSSM’s virtual engineering program, Accelerate

CEO/Executive Director Statement

One of 12 public residential high schools in America, the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics in Hartsville, SC, has positively impacted thousands of students and teachers across the state with advanced STEM education offerings for the past 28 years. What started as an education incubator of 64 students in 1988 has grown to an advanced high school of 288 students in residence, 104 students in a virtual engineering program and more than 10,000 students and teachers touched annually through professional development and outreach programs.

GSSM’s differentiators are many but include a 24/7 environment, PhD faculty, mandatory scientific and business research conducted in labs across the state, country, Europe and Asia, along with a college schedule, pace and rigor. GSSM students are exposed to travel opportunities, dual college enrollment courses, independent study and an inclusive community of excellence.

In addition to our residential and virtual programs, GSSM is committed to broader talent development for the long term prosperity of our state through our residential summer camps and satellite summer camp programs. What’s more, GSSM exercises this commitment to excellence through its STEM Continuous Engagement Model or SCEM which not only allows us to extend exposure to a larger audience but allows us to target, track and “hook” motivated students on STEM through the continuity of multiple offerings and experiences in grades 7-10. For example, students can begin our SCEM in 7th grade and benefit from one or more offerings annually through 9th or 10th grade, at which time they can apply to our virtual Accelerate engineering program or our residential program if they choose to do so. On top of that, if teachers in their schools have received professional development from GSSM, the impact is enhanced.

As part of our commitment to South Carolina, GSSM will continue to grow and fine-tune its outreach offerings to (1) target motivated students, (2) introduce them to relevant, cutting-edge experiences beyond the realm of the traditional classroom, (3) keep them engaged in a comprehensive pipeline, (4) track their progress throughout the pipeline and (5) support them in college, internship and career endeavors, thus building the pipeline of talent for high tech/high impact companies.

In 2016, we look forward to introducing two new outreach opportunities in Beaufort County – iTEAMS Xtreme: Next Generation and CREATEng. Next Generation is our newest and most advanced summer camp offering built around the electronic prototyping platform Arduino. CREATEng is our design thinking engineering camp that was requested by many teachers and families throughout the county. Designed for rising 7-9th graders, these project-based opportunities are designed peak students’ interest in the fields of technology, engineering and entrepreneurism.

It is our hope that you will consider partnering with us once again to make a lasting, positive impact on the young minds of Beaufort County.

Board Chair Statement

As Board Chairman of the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics Foundation, I am happy to express my strong support of GSSM. In South Carolina, high-tech jobs are growing at one of the fastest rates in the nation, yet our state ranks below the national average of students interested in and prepared for STEM studies and careers. GSSM develops and delivers quality programs that are unmatched across the Palmetto State. Programs that stress quality over quantity as the school strives to develop our state’s next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, technologists, scientists and creative thinkers. GSSM’s Duke Energy Center for Science Education and Outreach creates opportunities focused on long-term talent development, including the iTEAMS Xtreme: Next Generation summer camp and its engineering camp known as CREATEng. Both programs will be new to Beaufort County in 2016. On behalf of GSSM, we look forward to the continued delivery of the highest quality STEM education in the state and welcome your partnership and support.

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State of South Carolina
Board Chair
Board Chair Kurt R. Kraft
Company Affiliation The Boeing Company
Term July 2015 to June 2016
Board of Directors
Jim Apple Burroughs and Chapin Company
The Honorable Bruce W. Bannister Bannister and Wyatt
Mike Baxley Santee Cooper
Kim Bowman GSSM Foundation
Dr. Murray Brockman GSSM
Bob Brown Integrated Systems, Inc.
Lou Cerone GE
Howard Daniel Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart
Franklin G. Daniels Nexsen Pruet
Harris E. DeLoach Jr.Member Emeritus
Christopher DeSoiza Milliken & Co.
John Emerson Michelin North America
Caleb Fort Quality Mobile X-Ray & Ultrasound
Jody Gallagher AFL
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Toby W. Goodlett First Citizens Bank
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Kathleen Kelly AVX Corporation
June Kerr Westinghouse
Kurt R. Kraft The Boeing Company
Avi Lawrence Contec
James K. Lehman Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, LLP
The Honorable Gerald Malloy Malloy Law Firm
Steve Matthews Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd
Jack Mitchell AT&T
Rob Moran AFLAC
Chris Permenter Tower Research Capital
Marty Pignone GSSM Parent
Ravi Ravindra BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
Ravi G. Sastry Immedion, LLC
M. Edward "Ed" Sellers Member Emeritus
Randy Senn SCANA
Ken L. Smith Fluor
Jeff Stevenson Google
Mindy Taylor Duke Energy
Dr. Brenda J. Thames Greenville Health System
Sam Vause Jr.Intel Corporation
Joyce Vonada EDENS
Ethan Ware Williams Mullen Law Firm
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Written Conflict of Interest Policy? Yes
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Executive Director
Executive Director/CEO Kim Bowman

Kim Bowman joined the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Math nearly ten years ago. Bowman oversees the GSSM Foundation, as well as government affairs, marketing, recruiting, admissions, outreach, alumni relations and career services.

She also leads the School’s strategic direction efforts which design, develop and launch unique academic offerings such as the BlueCross Blue Shield Economics and Finance Institute, the BMW Engineering Projects Center, the Duke Energy Engineering and Innovation Institute and GSSM’s newest endeavor, the Accelerate Virtual Engineering program - a futuristic delivery of the first-year of college engineering courses during 10th-12th grades.

In the last few years, Bowman has also led the dramatic expansion of GSSM’s Outreach offerings, growing the impact from a one-week residential summer camp in Hartsville to four weeks of residential camp, along with 17 weeks of statewide satellite camps.

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Diversity Policy No
Whistleblower Policy Yes
Document Destruction Policy Yes
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy Yes

iTEAMS Xtreme: Next Generation is week-long “step-up” experience stemming from iTEAMS Xtreme, which was previously offered in Beaufort County. During the Next Generation camp, rising 7th-8th graders will use cutting-edge technology, including the open-source electronic prototyping platform, Arduino, and the 3-D prototyping software, SolidWorks, in a camp track designed for students who are ready to advance their knowledge in coding, designing and printing a real-world 3-D model.

Short Term Success
After the 2016 Beaufort iTEAMS Xtreme: Next Generations camp, GSSM would like to see:
  • 90% of participating students report that their computer and technology skills improved
  • 85% report their teamwork skills improved
  • 85% report they are more motivated to learn about STEM and/or entrepreneurship
  • 80% report they are more interested in taking a computer science class
  • 50% report they are more interested in taking an entrepreneurship class
Long Term Success
  1. Introduce diverse population to studies/careers in computer technology, programming and business.
  2. Increase students experience/understanding of computer technology and its applications, as well as business concepts and entrepreneurship.
  3. Stimulate innovative thinking and interest in computer technology and business through project-based challenges.
  4. Teach students to practice cooperative work skills required in STEM careers.
  5. Inspire students to participate in future STEM courses and opportunities.
  6. Excite aspirations and open pathways to higher education.
Strategy Yes
Program Success Monitored BY

GSSM measures program impact upon students through self-assessment surveys and tests administered at the beginning and end of each camp. The assessments are designed by the school's Evaluation and Oversight Committee, comprised of Outreach and Foundation staff, all of whom are trained in evaluation and survey design. Additionally, instructional staff is surveyed after the conclusion of the camps to determine possible areas of curriculum and logistical improvement.


CREATEng is a one-week engineering experience for rising 8th-9th graders. The program focuses on developing students’ understanding of the field of engineering through team-based challenges in various disciplines. Working in teams, students are engaged in a problem-solving curriculum where they apply principles of engineering design to solve challenges, including building a bridge and making wind turbines. The daily and mini challenges are complemented by field trips to local industry facilities and guest speaker sessions featuring practicing engineers.

Short Term Success

GSSM is excited to bring CREATEng to Beaufort County for the first time in the summer of 2016. We would like to see the following results after the 2016 Beaufort County CREATEng camp:

  • 90% of students report an increased interest in taking additional courses in engineering
  • 80% of students report they are more likely to participate in high school engineering programs
  • 90% of students report they have more awareness of careers and areas of study in engineering
  • 90% of students report they are more confident in their ability to collaborate with others
  • 90% report they are more confident in their ability to be successful at engineering
Long Term Success
  1. To develop students' understanding of the field of engineering
  2. To provide students with opportunities to solve engineering design challenges
  3. To inspire students to consider college majors and careers in engineering
  4. To provide opportunities for students to interact with professionals onsite and in the field
  5. To improve STEM knowledge and the skills of problem-solving, teamwork, data analysis, communication and innovation
  6. To prepare students for GSSM's Accelerate virtual engineering program offered in partnership with school districts across South Carolina
Strategy Yes
Program Success Monitored BY

CREATEng’s impact will be tracked through a pre- and post-camp student survey to gauge immediate increases in knowledge and interest in engineering principles, data analysis, problem-solving skills, communication skills and teamwork skills, as well as increased interest in additional engineering studies and college education. A pre-and post-camp test will gauge increases in content knowledge of engineering subject matter. Finally, students will complete an Engineering Efficacy Scale questionnaire, which will measure how comfortable students feel with engineering concepts and tasks.

Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year 2016
Projected Revenue $2,665,319.23
Projected Expenses $2,583,049.47
Endowment Value $9,637,922.41
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Nonprofit South Carolina Governor's School for Science & Math Foundation, Inc.
Address 1122 Lady Street
Suite 700
Columbia, SC 29201
Primary Phone (803) 252-9152
Contact Email
CEO/Executive Director Kim Bowman
Board Chair Kurt R. Kraft
Board Chair Company Affiliation The Boeing Company
Year of Incorporation 1990