Hilton Head Choral Society Inc
PO Box 22235
Hilton Head Island SC 29925-2235
Contact Information
Organization DBA (Doing Business As)
Organization DBA
Address PO Box 22235
Hilton Head Island, SC 299252235
Telephone (843) 3413818
E-mail info@hiltonheadchoralsociety.org
Projected Annual Revenue $217,800.00 (2017)
Mission Statement The mission of the Hilton Head Choral Society is to perform and sponsor a wide variety of musical programs, especially choral, for the enjoyment of the Hilton Head Island and regional community, visitors, and members, to cooperate with other musical organizations, and to sponsor local performances of celebrity artists and choral groups.
CEO/Executive Director Linda Neff
Board Chair Linda and Glenn Neff
Board Chair Company Affiliation C0-Presidents
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 1989
Financial Summary
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Mission The mission of the Hilton Head Choral Society is to perform and sponsor a wide variety of musical programs, especially choral, for the enjoyment of the Hilton Head Island and regional community, visitors, and members, to cooperate with other musical organizations, and to sponsor local performances of celebrity artists and choral groups.
The Hilton Head Choral Society (HHCS) is the longest continuously performing arts group on Hilton Head Island, now celebrating its 41st year as a musical influence in the Lowcountry and well beyond.
HHCS is comprised of 120 amateur singers from Hilton Head, Bluffton, and the nearby region, and as far as Savannah. Its members pay modest annual dues to share in the joy of singing together and performing for residents of Hilton Head/Bluffton, and visitors from beyond Beaufort County, who represent 15% to 21% of the audience. HHCS is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors most of whom sing with the chorus.
Since the appointment of its Artistic Director, Tim Reynolds, seventeen years ago, HHCS maintains a rhythm of performing 4 concerts per season, three of which include not only the HHCS singers, but also professional musicians, most of whom are players with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra. Tim Reynolds is a paid contractor of the HHCS. He selects the repertoire for the concerts, rehearses the chorus, hires any required soloists and orchestra, and acts as an Impresario to bring in world renowned performers for the “HHCS Presents” special concert series.
HHCS` four concerts per season occur in September (Summer Pops concert), in December (Sounds of Christmas concert), in April (Spring concert) and on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend (America Sings concert).  HHCS programming is varied, from the classical to the contemporary.
For the past fiscal year (and performing season), June 2015 to May 2016, HHCS enjoyed continued success with its concerts, revised and improved its governance, and achieved further recognition in the arts community.
1. A highly successful season of five concerts drew a total audience of 3,608, and average audience of 722 per concert. One of the Concerts was a `HHCS Presents` event, bringing back to the Island the world renowned a capella group Chanticleer. The Memorial Day concert featured the Marine Band from Parris Island, and was a free concert, celebrating the 40th anniversary of HHCS.
 2 The 2015-2016 season drew 72% of its audience from Hilton Head island and 28% from outside Hilton Head Island, including representation from 13 States and countries.
3. A reserve fund, to ensure the continued sustainability of HHCS was created, and raised over $40,000 from donations.
 4. Strategy and governance initiatives: Focus groups and Board deliberations led to the adoption of a 3 year strategic plan. The HHCS Board was reorganized, streamlined from 13 to 9 positions, with staggered 2 year terms of office, and 6 standing committees. Detailed job descriptions were written. By-Laws were revised.
5. HHCS role in the arts community was recognized by the South Carolina Arts Commission, with a 3-year grant for operations support.
The top goals for the 2016-2017 season are: 
 1. Present a quality four concert season, delighting our audiences, and including a first ever Choral Festival in April 2017, which will bring  together visiting choral groups from several states, and the renowned Composer and Maestro Paul Basler.
2. Continue to grow audiences to the 900 person venue capacity, maintaining our % of off-island visitors, through artistic innovation, and cost-effective marketing, including enhanced digital and social media marketing to local, regional, and visitor audiences.
3. Further consolidate governance and financial sustainability, and implement the strategic plan adopted in 2016.
4. Membership growth, renewal and diversity. 
5. Contribute to the development of the plan for a performance venue suitable for all the performing arts organizations on Hilton Head Island.
HHCS top 5 most pressing needs are:
1. Renew and reinforce the current 120 volunteer singers. Attract and retain committed and talented younger singers from more diverse backgrounds.
2. Attract the internal and external human resources to staff all volunteer Board and staff activities.
3.  Maintain/increase Donor, grant, advertising, and fundraising support for ongoing operations (ticket revenues represent less than 50% of our annual budget), to be able to fund artistic initiatives such as visiting choral groups, guest artists, soloists, paid semi-professional/professional section leaders, exceptional instrumentalists.
 4. Resolve venue issues.
 5. Evolve marketing strategy and branding, including continued evolution  from traditional media to digital and social media, to improve audience retention, renewal and demographic expansion, and to reach audiences beyond the Lowcountry..
CEO/Executive Director Statement
The Hilton Head Choral Society is delighted to be celebrating its 41st anniversary season, making it the longest continuously performing arts group on Hilton Head Island. From an initial 35 singers doing one Messiah performance per year, we are now 120 singers doing 4 performances per year, 3 of which are performed with a full complement of professional orchestral musicians. We also offer occasional `HHCS Presents ` performances by internationally renowned artists, and we sing for the Town of Hilton Head`s Veterans Day and memorial Day Programs at the Veterans Memorial Park as a community service.
HHCS is open to any volunteer willing and able to perform the repertoire to the quality standards of our Artistic Director, Tim Reynolds, now with us for 17 years.
 Our annual income comes from several sources: Ticket sales, Donors, Grants, advertisers,and membership dues. We have presented a responsibly balanced budget for the last several years, and have created a Fund, separate from operations, to further enhance our financial sustainability.
 Our 4 annual concerts are extremely popular, and our organization is blessed with the support of the Town Hilton Head Island, the County Council of Beaufort County, and the South Carolina Arts Commission, who recognize the importance of cultural activities beyond Hilton Head`s famous beaches, golf courses, and biking.
 Achievements are one thing, as well as financial stability, but like all organizations we must constantly look to the future, evolve, and be creative with our musical product.
Other paragraphs above define our challenges, which include both the artistic heart and soul of our organization- our people and our music- and the management and governance of HHCS.  We have made considerable progress on the latter front over the past few years, embracing the digital age and social media, but we know that much will still have to be done, and funded, including a desperately needed performing arts venue for the community.
 Linda and Glenn Neff, Co-Presidents, HHCS
Board Chair Statement See above `Statement from the CEO/Executive Director`...we have a President ( in fact currently 2 co-Presidents)  but no CEO, being totally a volunteer organization, with the exception of our Artistic Director, Tim Reynolds, who is a paid contractor.
Areas of Service
Beaufort County
Colleton County
Hampton County
Jasper County

HHCS has for many years tracked its audience by Zip Code, using audience survey by ushers We now rely on our on-line ticketing system.

Based on data from the 2015-2016 season of four concerts, with total audience 3,608, average audience 722, the breakdown of geographical areas served is:
Hilton Head Island  72%
 Bluffton/Ridgeland/Hartsville/Beaufort 18%
Ex-Region,USA and Non-USA 10%
Average number of States/countries excluding SC 13. 
Board Chair
Board Chair Linda and Glenn Neff
Company Affiliation C0-Presidents
Term June 2014 to May 2017
Email gneff22@roadrunner.com
Board of Directors
Linda Boyd Volunteer, Co-Director Human Resources
Lou Ann Dolan-Bugg Volunteer, Director Sales & Marketing
Mona Huff Director Hilton Head International Piano competition
Mario Incorvaia Musician, Director Operations
Glenn Neff Volunteer, Co-President
Linda Neff Volunteer, Co-President
Tim Reynolds Artistic Director HHCS
Gail Scarborough Volunteer, Secretary
Barbara Sorkin Volunteer, Treasurer
Judy Tiano Health Care Administration, Volunteer, Vice-President
Joyce Wilfore Volunteer, CoDirector Human Resources
Board Demographics - Ethnicity
African American/Black 0
Asian American/Pacific Islander 0
Caucasian 11
Hispanic/Latino 0
Native American/American Indian 0
Board Demographics - Gender
Male 3
Female 8
Board Term Lengths 2
Board Term Limits 2
Board Meeting Attendance % 80%
Written Board Selection Criteria? Yes
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? No
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Percentage Making In-Kind Contributions 100%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 11
Standing Committees
Development / Fund Development / Fund Raising / Grant Writing / Major Gifts
Human Resources / Personnel
Other Boards
The tables below contain information about other groups that advise this nonprofit on operations and projects.
Executive Director
Executive Director/CEO Linda Neff
Retired business executive.
Not a CEO but a Co-President. 
Co-CEO Glenn Neff
Term Start June 2014
Email gneff22@roadrunner.com
Retired business executive.
Not a CEO, but Co-President.
Former Executive Director/CEOs
Mona Huff June 2012 - May
Gary Trimm June 2010 - May
Senior Staff
Tim Reynolds Artistic Director
Full Time Staff 0
Part Time Staff 0
Volunteers 25
Contractors 2
Retention Rate 100%
Organization has a Strategic Plan? Yes
Date Strategic Plan Adopted July 2016
Years Strategic Plan Considers 3
Organization has a Fundraising Plan? No
Management Succession Plan? No
Organization Policy and Procedures Yes
Diversity Policy Under Development
Nondiscrimination Policy Under Development
Whistleblower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
Close collaboration with Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, collaboration with local regional and out of State choral groups, affiliation with Chorus America.
Chamber of Commerce2017
Description Four annual concerts: September Pops Concert, The Sounds of Christmas Concert, April Spring Concert, America Sings/Memorial Day Concert.
Budget $45,000/concert
Short Term Success Renown of the Choral Society, and enhancement of Hilton Head image for the performing arts.
Long Term Success Continued growth and popularity, with audiences approaching the facility capacity of 900.
Strategy Yes
Program Success Monitored BY Audience tracking and surveys, web-site feedback, Facebook.
Description ``HHCS Presents`` concerts bring world renowned choral performers to Hilton Head Island. Upcoming in October 2017 the Vienna Boys Choir.
Budget $45,000/concert
Short Term Success Succes will be measured by audience participation and publicity.
Long Term Success Further position HHCS on a national and international level.
Strategy Yes
Program Success Monitored BY Audience participation and publicity, as well as recruitment and attracting future guest artists.
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year 2017
Projected Revenue $217,800.00
Projected Expenses $195,125.00
Spending Policy N/A
IRS Letter of Exemption
Detailed Financials
Revenue SourcesHelpThe financial analysis involves a comparison of the IRS Form 990 and the audit report (when available) and revenue sources may not sum to total based on reconciliation differences. Revenue from foundations and corporations may include individual contributions when not itemized separately.
Fiscal Year201620152014
Foundation and
Corporation Contributions
Government Contributions$34,725$33,479$13,150
Individual Contributions$73,928$35,017$34,842
Investment Income, Net of Losses$6----
Membership Dues$13,625$15,250$14,450
Special Events------
Revenue In-Kind------
Expense Allocation
Fiscal Year201620152014
Program Expense$194,946----
Administration Expense$19,749----
Fundraising Expense------
Payments to Affiliates------
Total Revenue/Total Expenses1.121.050.99
Program Expense/Total Expenses91%0%0%
Fundraising Expense/Contributed Revenue0%0%0%
Assets and Liabilities
Fiscal Year201620152014
Total Assets$33,865$9,073$240
Current Assets$33,865--$240
Long-Term Liabilities$0----
Current Liabilities$33,865$9,073--
Total Net Assets$0--$240
Short Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201620152014
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities1.000.00--
Long Term Solvency
Fiscal Year201620152014
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
Top Funding Sources
Fiscal Year201620152014
Top Funding Source & Dollar AmountConcert Revenues $112,099 -- --
Second Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountDirect Public Support incl. one-off reserve fund contributions $73,928 -- --
Third Highest Funding Source & Dollar AmountGrants $34,725 -- --
Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
Capital Campaign Anticipated in Next 5 Years? No
State Charitable Solicitations Permit
Registration Yes Jan 2018
Organization Comments
The 2015-2016 season accounts were characterized by:
1. an exceptional operating loss of $19,263 due to the loss of revenue of our free Memorial Day Concert, and some self-funding of the HHCS Presents Chanticleer concert.
2. The requirement, due  to our cash-based accounting, to report the totality of our one-off Reserve Fund campaign donations as revenue in the 2015-2016 fiscal year.
3. Short term covering of the operating loss 2015-2016 was obtained through a cash infusion from the Reserve Fund, to be reimbursed at the end of the 2016-2017 financial year.
Historically HHCS has presented balanced accounts, and this tradition will resume with the 2016-2017 financial year.
Nonprofit Hilton Head Choral Society Inc
Address PO Box 22235
Hilton Head Island, SC 299252235
Primary Phone (843) 3413818
CEO/Executive Director Linda Neff
Board Chair Linda and Glenn Neff
Board Chair Company Affiliation C0-Presidents
Year of Incorporation 1989