Heather Perkins Trew Foundation
PO BOX 5686
HILTON HEAD SC 29938-5686
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Organization DBA
Address PO BOX 5686
HILTON HEAD , SC 299385686
Telephone (843) 363-2303
E-mail chris@theheathertrewfoundation.org
Projected Annual Revenue $50,000.00 (2015)
Mission Statement  The Heather Trew Foundation for organ, eye and tissue donation is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of organ donation among individuals of all ages. The Foundation seeks to increase the number of registered organ, eye and tissue donors to the organ donor registry.  
CEO/Executive Director Mrs Judy Trew
Board Chair Mr Dean Pierce
Board Chair Company Affiliation ERG
History and Background
Year of Incorporation 2010
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Mission  The Heather Trew Foundation for organ, eye and tissue donation is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of organ donation among individuals of all ages. The Foundation seeks to increase the number of registered organ, eye and tissue donors to the organ donor registry.  
Background Heather Trew was infected with E. coli at the age of seven. She fought a long struggle against kidney failure for many years and at the age of 13 she was so fortunate to have her Aunt grace her with the "Gift of Life" by giving her one of her kidneys. Heather lived for seven more years after the surgery, inspiring all those around her and leaving a legacy behind too hard to ignore. Heather passed away just before her 20th birthday and though she did not have to go on the waiting list for an organ, her wish was to make sure that anyone that needs an organ would be able to get one. Her wishes are carried on by the mission of The Foundation, named in her honor, founded by her mother.

Accomplishments 2014:

 ~Fundraiser that brought together students to volunteer in the community, people became aware of our mission, raised over $7,000 during the four hour event. 
~ Through our Trew friends members, we signed up 1020 people to the South Carolina Organ Donor Registry.
~  We added College of Charleston and Citadel Trew friends college chapters to our list of colleges in the state of South Carolina.
~ Partnership and recognition with Donate Life America and Donate Life South Carolina   
~ Completed a new public service announcement with our college students that are Trew friends members 
 Goals for 2015:
~  Create a training program for students to educate them on the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation, discuss the facts/myths , provide helpful tools-educational materials, giveaways and t-shirts to make it exciting to learn about organ donation.
~ Start local middle school and high school clubs and introduce 13 - 18 year olds to becoming Trew friends club members on their school campus.  
~ Apply for grants to help bring on a college intern position(College Outreach Coordinator) who will be able to speak to peers one on one in a college setting to talk about organ donation, becoming Trew friends members and starting a club on their campus and create training sessions for those students.
~South Carolina is the 5th lowest state in the US with the number of people on the registry. We seek to increase the number of people to the organ donor registry through student events, community events and a fund raiser.  


~ Increase our technology needs:  Purchase 5-10 iPads (approximately $5,000) that will be needed to register people to the organ donor registry in two minutes. These iPads are now needed for our community outreach events and school events to sign people onto the registry for South Carolina. Donate Life SC is  requesting we transition to iPads from paper forms.     
~ We are in need of an "Outreach Coordinator".. this position will be held by a recent college graduate who has been part of our organ donation training and part of a Trew friends College Chapter promoting donation. We feel this type of young person would be able to reach out to school students in high school and in college where they can relate better to a person near their age bracket (18-23). This person will look to host educational forums and promote Trew friends at a club in local schools and then host community events along with the new members of a Trew friends Club. The "Outreach Coordinator" will be able to mentor the young students towards a leadership role within each individual Trew friends Club they will be part of. We anticipate this position to have a salary of $25,000.  
~ Adult Education Programs are needed.We are seeking to reach out to our African American Community, perhaps through the churches to present the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation.
~ Financing for Educational Materials. We must have these materials to hand out during events and presentations we host. They have to constantly be updated due to the changes stats on the materials. The average cost of financing educational materials is approximately $5,000 per year.  
~ The completion of a new PSA took place with some of our current high school and college students. The cost of the production crew and space was approximately $20,000. We feel this PSA can run in schools, churches, meeting groups and other locations where we can reach out to all sectors of the population. This expense needs to be covered.  
CEO/Executive Director Statement The Heather Trew Foundation for organ, eye and tissue donation is the only one of its kind in South Carolina  that is recognized by Donate Life South Carolina and Donate Life America where our Foundation can present outreach programs in the community. Donate Life South Carolina looks to us to assist in events that they may not be able to attend and trust that we can represent them correctly and informatively on the topic of organ donation, especially to our youth. We are extremely proud that we have this recognition and we plan to present all materials accurately and effectively.
Board Chair Statement

 It is exciting to see since the Foundation was formed how it has evolved into an opportunity to create another division called Trew friends, which focuses specifically on educating students in the 13-23 age range.

Some challenges that have been found is the continuous change in statistics with regards to organ donation and having to update the educational and informational materials to stay constant and up to date.

The Foundation is just starting to reach out to grant opportunities to help offset the costs that come into play with new materials and new technology.  The Foundation also started an annual fundraiser, 2015 was the second year, to help offset costs as well.  
Areas of Service
Beaufort County

We seek to reach out to all areas of Beaufort County via churches, community evetns, outreach meetings, school events.

Board Chair
Board Chair Mr Dean Pierce
Company Affiliation ERG
Term Jan 2008 to Dec 2058
Board of Directors
Mr Dudley King board member
Mr Michael Petrillo board member
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Caucasian 3
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Female 0
Written Board Selection Criteria? No
Written Conflict of Interest Policy? No
Percentage Making Monetary Contributions 100%
Number of Full Board Meetings Annually 1
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Executive Director
Executive Director/CEO Mrs Judy Trew
Experience Judy Trew is the Founder /Ceo of The Heather Trew Foundation. She carries on the wishes of her daughter, that everyone that needs an organ should be able to get one.
Full Time Staff 1
Part Time Staff 0
Volunteers 30
Contractors 0
Retention Rate 0%
Organization has a Strategic Plan? Yes
Date Strategic Plan Adopted Jan 2015
Years Strategic Plan Considers 1
Organization has a Fundraising Plan? Under Development
Management Succession Plan? Under Development
Organization Policy and Procedures No
Diversity Policy
Nondiscrimination Policy No
Whistleblower Policy No
Document Destruction Policy No
Directors and Officers Insurance Policy No
Description For the youth, we look to start more Trew friends clubs in the schools and for adults we look to host training programs and educational programs on organ donation as community outreach project .
Budget $10,000.00
Short Term Success  On short term, we hope to gain one new Trew friends Club with in the public and /or private school sector to gain members between the ages of 13-18
Long Term Success

We seek to gain a large group of the youth participating in Trew friends Club events on their school campus and in the community.

We seek to gain adult volunteers who can assist with community meetings, church groups and other areas of interest

Strategy Yes
Program Success Monitored BY  There will be meetings every two weeks with the new Trew friends clubs. We will track the new events that they decide to participate in and during those events we will be able to see how many people get signed up to the organ donor registry
Fiscal Year
Fiscal Year 2015
Projected Revenue $50,000.00
Projected Expenses $120,000.00
Spending Policy N/A
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Program Expense$32,234$25,935$30,077
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Program Expense/Total Expenses70%91%92%
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Fiscal Year201320122011
Total Assets$23,984$65,788$34,033
Current Assets$23,984$65,788$34,033
Long-Term Liabilities$0$0$0
Current Liabilities$136$2,090$0
Total Net Assets$23,848$63,698$34,033
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Fiscal Year201320122011
Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities176.3531.48--
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Fiscal Year201320122011
Long-Term Liabilities/Total Assets0%0%0%
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Capital Campaign
Currently in a Capital Campaign? No
State Charitable Solicitations Permit
Registration Yes Dec 2015
Nonprofit Heather Perkins Trew Foundation
Address PO BOX 5686
HILTON HEAD , SC 299385686
Primary Phone (843) 363-2303
CEO/Executive Director Mrs Judy Trew
Board Chair Mr Dean Pierce
Board Chair Company Affiliation ERG
Year of Incorporation 2010